John Wigmore - Chroma #2

John Wigmore

Chroma #2


Description: Clear Acrylic Body Moriki White Basic and Colored Japanese paper
Dimensions: 62”H x 43”W x 7”D
Lighting: 2400K LEDs Phase Control Dimming Driver Integral to Fixture
Two Wire Hook-up to house electric UL Listed and Labeled.
Artist Bio
John Wigmore is a lighting designer and artist who cites natural materials, Minimalism, and the Light and Space movement of Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s as influences for his first light sculptures in 1993. He has continued to work with established architects and interior designers to build atmospheric light installations globally. His latest work is in ceramic, inspired by the clarity and restraint of Mexican Modernist Luis Barragan’s architecture, the sensitivity of Japanese tea bowls and Californian ceramic artists, which he captured in clay, Japanese paper shades and light. They are all hand-built, not slip-cast, rolled out individual slabs of clay that Wigmore pieces together almost architecturally. He lives and works in Los Angeles, where his lighting is made. He rejoined RALPH PUCCI in 2014.