Spencer Fung - Sequoia Foliage Abstraction 2

Spencer Fung

Sequoia Foliage Abstraction 2


Chinese Ink and soil
24” x 32”
Artist Bio
Spencer Fung is a British architect, furniture designer and artist. Observing nature through sketching and painting is vital to him. He is drawn to the mysticism of clouds, the power of mountains and the majesty of trees. As a child in Hong Kong, he sought nature by clambering over the granite boulders on the shoreline and watching the dragonflies flit over the water. He studied architecture at Cambridge University and in 1990 founded his London-based architecture practice. Nature inspires all of his work, and painting is an extension of his energetic creativity. Fung paints with Chinese ink, watercolor and Jurassic clay. He uses soil and minerals from rocks for pigment, lake, river or snow water, and clumps of moss, leaves or bundles of twigs as his paintbrush, sometimes using his fingers and hands to paint directly onto the paper or canvas. These things help him connect with the landscape and bring texture and interest to his work. Increasingly his paintings have become more abstract and expressionist as he reacts emotionally to what he sees in front of him. He is moved by the fragility of the natural world. His recent architectural work includes Daylesford Organic and the multi-award-winning Cotswold country house, the Wild Rabbit. He joined RALPH PUCCI in 2018.