Jens Risom - #3 Sofa

Jens Risom

#3 Sofa


Description: Walnut and upholstery
Dimensions: 120″ L x 40″ D x 32″ H
Also available in 108″ L, 96″ L, 84″ L, 72″
Artist Bio
Jens Risom (1916-2016) was one of the first designers to bring the traditional Scandinavian values of function and craftsmanship to the US. He was part of small vanguard that helped establish post-war America’s leadership role in the world of modern furniture design and manufacturing. Born in Copenhagen, Risom was highly influenced by his architect father who encouraged him to pursue studies in business and contemporary design. In 1942 he worked with Hans Knoll to launch that business, and following a stint in the army, launched his Jens Risom Design in 1946. He joined RALPH PUCCI in 2005.