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Ralph Pucci - LA Showroom April 2024 - Elizabeth-Garouste

Elizabeth Garouste
Marjorie Salvaterra

April 2024

Presenting “aquarius” by Elizabeth Garouste.The iconic designer’s latest creative endeavor is a sanctuary far from the tumult of the world and the frenzy of the busy city. The tableau depicts an underwater universe where silence and mystery reign supreme, realized through large-scale exterior and interior murals along with furniture and lighting in striking colors and organic shapes. The external façade of the gallery has become a local landmark for art installations; Garouste is the fifth artist to grace its walls with a four-part mural. The designs are executed in RALPH PUCCI’s trademark Plasterglass material and Garouste worked in the (sculpture studio) to incorporate color and even a new material – mosaic – into the free-flowing sculptural forms, sparking vivacity with the final vibrant pieces.

Los Angeles-based photographer Marjorie Salvaterra unveils a new body of work titled “Almost Spring” delves into the intricacies of uncertainty, capturing those moments of being betwixt and between, unsure of what lies ahead. The presence of fear often shadows the unknown, mingling with impatience as we eagerly await guidance or a sign. Yet, amidst this uncertainty, there’s a chance to find solace—a hiatus from the constant motion of beginnings and endings. In the ethereal hues of whites and soft tones, “Almost Spring” invites us to pause, to simply exist, and to embrace the tranquility of the present moment.

  • Ralph Pucci - LA Showroom April 2024 - Elizabeth Garouste
  • Ralph Pucci - LA Showroom April 2024 - Marjorie Salvaterra
  • Ralph Pucci - LA Showroom April 2024 - Marjorie Salvaterra