Galerie Magazine

March 2020

Creative Minds: Marjorie Salvaterra

Article By Jacqueline Terrebonne

Mysterious stories unfold in the striking photographs of Marjorie Salvaterra. Whether it’s women frolicking in the surf or laughing in their lingerie, it’s hard not to wonder what happened just before and what will happen next. “I find inspiration in my life,” she says. “If it comes from my life, then it’s unique to me and it’s relatable.”

“True originality is rare,” says Ralph Pucci, who will host an exhibition of her snapshots in his L.A. gallery through April 1. “Marjorie’s work is cinematic and wacky but also serious.”

Latest work: “I was on LinkedIn and saw a quote: ‘If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree,’ ” Salvaterra says. “That was the first in the new series, and each work is based on a piece of advice. I love to give advice, and my kids and husband are tired of hearing it.”