Kevin Walz - Sofa

Kevin Walz



10 feet
C.O.M 14yrds
36 x 36H
9 feet
C.O.M 13yrds
36 x 36H
8 feet
C.O.M 12yrds
36 x 36H
7 feet
C.O.M 8yrds
36 x 36H
6 feet
C.O.M 8yrds
C.O.M 12 yrds
Artist Bio
Kevin Walz is an artist and designer who lives and works in New York. He studied Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute and the New York Studio School. Walz’s furniture designs begin with fine natural materials, such as hardwoods, cork, glass, and metals, which are then combined with resins, carbon fiber and new technologies and processes to allow for thin profiles, fluid forms, and tactile, resilient surfaces. Walz is the recipient of the Rome Prize and is in the Interior Design Magazine Hall of Fame. His art and designs have been exhibited in galleries and museums in North America and Europe. He joined RALPH PUCCI in 2003.