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Ralph Pucci-Miami-Showroom-Transitions-Miami-Film


December 2022

The exhibition features an installation of colored rectangles on the interior and exterior walls of the gallery. Designed by Lee F. Mindel, his murals of transitioning colors highlight a palette grounded in the hues of Miami—the tropical colors of the sea, palm trees, and Florida sun—and pay homage to Josef Albers’ color theory.

The exhibition will showcase only 35 furniture and lighting pieces throughout only 7,000 sq ft of exhibition space and will include works from Veritas by Lee F. Mindel, 3 primary-colored light sculptures by Richard Meier Light, and the largest display of Plasterglass from the RALPH PUCCI (sculpture studio) to date, all edited in shades of white.

The exhibition features a specially curated palette of Benjamin Moore colors brought to life using their ultra-premium AURA paint on the interior and exterior murals – demonstrating one of many creative forms that color can influence.

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