Dana Barnes - Rip Current

Dana Barnes

Rip Current


Amorphous swirl hand felted floor covering of Merino wool
7 1/2’x9 1/2’
Artist Bio
Dana Barnes creates textural and sculptural works, objects, and site-specific architectural installations that are made solely by hand. Her formative years in New York were spent in fashion design for international luxury brands where she honed her skills in textiles. Each piece embodies her deep fascination with materiality, process and experimentation. They come to life in her Lower East Side studio where she devises her own methods and tools to produce the three-dimensional forms. Using innovative wet bonding processes, woolen and exotic fiber masses are fused with contrasting elements, like copper, resin, clay, concrete, wood, and, recently, antique knotted Persian carpets, to form abstract compositions that defy convention and challenge the notion of material. Barnes’s works aspire to evoke a deep visceral and physical connection, and it can be found in privation collections worldwide.