Ralph Pucci - Giant Visage Light Sculpture

Ralph Pucci

Giant Visage Light Sculpture


Description: One-of-a-kind plaster Light Sculpture
Dimensions: 53” W x 8.5” D x 90” H
Weight: 150 lbs
Lighting: 2700K LEDs Phase Control Dimming Driver Integral to Fixture
Two Wire Hook-up to house electric, UL Listed and Labeled
Artist Bio
RALPH PUCCI Furniture and Lighting is a collection of furniture designed and produced by Ralph Pucci. The collection was inspired by the “roots” of modernism and the “hand of the artist” was of the utmost importance. The materials are blackened and stainless steel frames, honed marble, glass, pure wool, and saddle-stitched leather. The spirit of the collection is classic with great emphasis on quality, timelessness and elegance; an ideal accompaniment to statement pieces from our roster of designers.