Herve Van Der Straeten - Commode Levitation 568

Herve Van der Straeten

Commode Levitation 568


Edition of 20
Description: Parchment and sycamore
Dimensions: 47.24″ L x 22.04″ D x 31.88″ H
Weight: 308 lbs
Artist Bio
Hervé Van der Straeten was born in 1965 and is an independent artist-designer who was first known for his jewelry creations, and now enjoys worldwide recognition for his furniture and lighting, which are instantly recognizable for the way he combines contrasting materials, bold variations of form and defiant volumes with perfect proportions, precision and detail. He designs and makes everything in his own dedicated bronze and cabinet making workshops and displays a selection of both his unique and limited-edition pieces in his own gallery in Paris. The artist-designer is also known for his projects with French luxury houses. Van der Straeten has received numerous awards from the French government during his career including L’Enterprise du Patrimonie Vivant and the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. He joined RALPH PUCCI in 2005.